Our Company

Roccasanta was registered in January 2006. The family has owned the land since 1995, taking care since then of the vineyards and its renewal. The basis were set with the support of knowledgeable collaborators of great professionalism and proved capability both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The product we offer is therefore a synthesis of new technologies and traditions of the entire wine-making process, from pruning of the vines all the way through to bottling. We offer wines that reflect the typical variety sensation of the grapes, with a rich structure and bouquet, and a natural colour.

The vineyards

To obtain good quality grapes, and consequently excellent wines, several factors need to be optimized: the grape variety, the kind of soil (different grape varieties suit different types of soil), the density of planting of individual vines, the amount of sunshine (at least 1600 hours /year), the temperate climate and the area where the vineyard lies. Perletto has got all these characteristics right, with its sunny rolling hills. The vineyard faces East, so that they enjoy full sun for most of the day. We cultivate our vines in an environmentally responsible way, without using toxic or harmful products. Viticulture is essential in wine production: to obtain a high quality product we must carefully look after our vines. Special attention is therefore given to careful pruning of the vines, and thinning out of bunches, as a smaller number of bunches per vine assures a better grape quality. Our wine is made in the traditional way with the support of the most up-to-date technologies. Some wines having the right characteristics, are aged in barrique: through a process of micro-oxygenation, the natural tannins polymerize, giving the wine a mellow and pleasing flavour.


Perletto (The pearl of Langhe) is a commune (municipality) in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region of Piedmont, located about 70 km southeast of Turin and about 60 km northeast of Cuneo. Perletto stands on the right bank of the Bormida river, north of Cortemilia and 35 Kms from Alba , Acqui Terme and Cairo Montenotte , in the centre of Langhe. The name of the town comes from the Latin word perlaetum (a name which was found for the first time on a document dating back to 991 BC). The name means "Happy and Joyful Town". The town was part of the estate of a Marquis (Marchese del Vasto) in 1090, and passed to Bonifacio Minore of Cortemilia in 1142. Then, it came under the jurisdiction of Monastery of St.Quintino, located in Spigno. In the year 1203 the land passed to the Marquis Ottone of Savona while in 1209 it became the property of the City of Asti. In the 14th century the town was ruled by the Visconti family. The castle had a succession of owners (Scarampi, Spinola and Valperga families, Noble Gozzani, Toppia family) until it was leased to King Vittorio Emanuele II, who used it as a hunting lodge. From the old castle (dated 1200), only a 36m high tower still survives – though, according to some sources the original height of the tower was 18 trebuchets (approx. 55.5m). Today the tower stands in the middle of the town and is one of the finest historic buildings you can find in the region of Langhe.